Contact me for a free initial conversation.

Face-to-face or online.

One session 50-60 minutes.

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Is your food and lifestyle supporting your health and wellbeing?

You are unique - learn how to nourish yourself optimally - based on your body type.

Focus on adding in foods that are good for you - no dieting, no lists of forbidden foods.

Eating should be easy - no measuring involved (kilos, grams, calories, bmi, etc.)

Learn to detox and make sure your body's detox system works.

Step-by-step upgrading of your food and lifestyle towards a sustainable feel-good level.

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" Thanks to Charlotte’s support, I am now on the right track to heal myself and, finally, I am able to make the food and lifestyle choices that will work for me to thrive and get the most out of my life. I have now much more energy and I even sleep better, which allows me to enjoy life more than ever before. Must say that Charlottes energy is somewhat “contaminating”!"

Elisabeth, 42 years, IBS sufferer


Weekly kundalini yoga classes in Tervuren/online:

Maria School, Nieuwstraat, 3080 Tervuren:

Wednesdays 20-21.15

Individual and corporate classes upon request.

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Build strength and flexibility.

Learn easy, effective techniques to handle stress and challenges, revitalize and focus.

Release habits and emotions (fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, etc.) that don't serve you.

Master your mind, master your life - get out of monkey mode.

Develop your intuition, open your heart, and put your ego in its rightplace.

Find ease, balance, and lightness in an active life.

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Enthousiasm from yoga students:

"I just feel so good after class! Don't want to miss it."

"It makes me a better mum!"

"I now stand up for myself at work - without conflict."

"The yoga classes with you have inspired me to meditate every morning and it has shifted so many things in my life for the better!"

"Great class I feel very awake and energised x"

“Without realizing who you are, happiness cannot come to you.” Yogi Bhajan

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