Be(come) YOU – Thrive and shine!


Why choose for holistic health coaching / holistic counselling:

YOU = body + mind + soul

A holistic approach (like in “whole”) will look at ALL OF YOU: BODY and MIND and SOUL. All parts of you are interconnected. In order for you to thrive, all of you needs to be applied and balanced. Contact me to hear more or to book a consultation:

Around 80% of the problems people go to the doctor for are lifestyle-related!

Simple, step-by-step upgrades to your lifestyle – food, movement, stress-management, relaxation/sleep – can (quickly) make you feel (much) better! Changing lifestyle is not necessarily top of your preferred activities, but with professional guidance and support it can be enjoyable, efficient, and highly rewarding in terms of health and well-being.


Sustainable weight loss will only happen as you align with who you are, getting out of “The Unhappy Gap” of not being you. Weight loss is not just about eating less (junk) and exercising more. Also, dealing with stressors in your life and tension/trauma held in your body, will significantly increase your chances of reaching your ideal weight.


Aches and pains that seem to become chronic are often caused by underlying built-up emotional tension. The way forward may include individually adapted movement to start easing up tension. Relaxing and strengthening the nervous system by gradually breathing deeper. A clean, anti-inflammatory diet. Holistic counselling for you to become conscious of and change the (old, unconscious) patterns causing this tension.


Stress and anxiety - is it really possible to build oneself up to stand firm, anchored, and full of vitality in the midst of all the challenges everyday life throws at us? Yes, it is! Does it have to take hours and hours, years and years to learn this? No! A consistent effort of minutes a day will help you sooner than you think. Think conscious breathing, (easy) meditation, and movement, for a start. As well as stress-reducing, energising, simple-to-cook food. Bye bye burn-out!


Mental health is affected by what you eat! Your brain is not separate from your body… Body and brain/mind is ONE integrated system. What you eat affects the functioning of your brain and your mood/mental balance. Food is an important, yet unfortunately often overlooked, piece of the mental balance puzzle. Not addressing your gut health will make it less likely that your brain will function well.


Depression may be seen as a mental illness/imbalance. To deal with depression, conversational holistic counselling is useful in order to negotiate an opening towards re-awakening and re-committing to life as you. Movement, meditation and healthy food will also support this. All of this adapted to support you and bring back joy, trust and faith.

A good night’s sleep cannot happen if your nervous system is over-active and your mind is in monkey mode, reminding you of all the to-dos on your list, and the stop-button seems to be missing, especially in the middle of the night… Waking up wired and tired is not the best starting point for a smooth, productive and joyful day. Again, learn to calm your mind and your nervous system. Learn to deeply relax and wake up fresh and energised.


Am I on the right path? – or did I take a wrong turn? What is life about…? Who am I actually? How can I balance my life? What shall I do in this difficult situation? I wish I would have a more harmonious relationship with a particular person... How can I best support my child in developing their gifts and talents and navigating challenges? Such essential and existential questions can come up at certain moments of life. As a holistic coach I will help you find a way forward, allowing you to find back your sense of Self and purpose in life, navigate challenging moments, and to have harmonious relationships with yourself and people around you.


What do the two terms cover?


Holistic health coaching is action-oriented towards a specified goal. Action is taken to establish habits that support you in being YOU, related to food, movement, stress-management, and sleep/relaxation.


Holistic counselling is conversational therapy, raising awareness, in order to break through the blocks and patterns that keep you stuck in an unfulfilled version of you, allowing for real transformation towards fulfilment.


The challenges and goals you come to see me for will determine which discipline - or combination of the two - will help you reach the transformation you wish to achieve. Contact me to hear more or to book a consultation: / +41 78 315 82 56.

“Without realizing who you are, happiness cannot come to you.” Yogi Bhajan