Health coaching

Health coaching


Get there faster and enjoy the process more with professional support.

Get highly personal support to implement lifestyle changes to upgrade your health and wellbeing, and to tackle any particular concerns you may have.

In order to be sustainable, lifestyle changes are best implemented step-by-step over a period of time.

It is recommended to follow a 3-month programme with consultations (ideally) every other week.

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Body Mind YOU Upgrade PACKAGE

- 6 consultations, in-person and/or online

Initial Consultation (up to 75 minutes)

Health history and goals, including any particular concerns.

Body-mind typing and holistic profiling.

Preliminary personal diet and lifestyle protocol.

5 Follow-Up Strategy Consultations (of up to 50 minutes):

Revision of progress.

Coaching to break through any blocks.

Adjustment of diet and lifestyle protocol as necessary.

Individual consultations possible upon request.

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"Your nutrition advice has really been an eye-opener and game changer for me and my family. Am still off any allergy medicines, and no more itching and candida." Ellen, 39 years

"Thanks to Charlotte’s support, I am now on the right track to heal myself and, finally, I am able to make the food and lifestyle choices that will work for me to thrive and get the most out of my life. I have now much more energy and I even sleep better, which allows me to enjoy life more than ever before. Must say that Charlottes energy is somewhat “contaminating”!" Elisabeth, 42 years

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Based on your goals and any particular concerns, these are some of the things we can work on:

Get to know your body/mind type, and the diet and lifestyle tips that suit YOU

Energy boost (fatigue)


Inspiration for healthier food and lifestyle habits

Learn to detox and make sure your body's detox system works (lymph, circulation, metabolism, hormones, cellulite, headaches, allergies...)




Skin issues, healthy glow

Food-mood connected issues (emotional, mental balance)

Healthy food for children (energy level, clear mind, stable mood, digestion...)

Graceful aging

Recovery after illness

Improved, restful sleep

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The Body Mind YOU approach to upgrading your look-and-feel:

Everybody is unique - highly individualised, to-the-point recommendations -> fast progress.

Learn how to nourish yourself optimally, based on your body-mind type.

Eating is a natural thing and should be a pleasure - (re-)connect with your body's wisdom.

Focus on adding in foods that are good for you - no dieting, no lists of forbidden foods.

Step-by-step upgrading of your food and lifestyle towards a sustainable feel-good level.

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Book your consultation - or contact me to hear if Body Mind YOU health coaching is for you: / +41 78 315 82 56

Consultations in-person in Gryon or online.

Online consultations are done via Zoom.

Euro bank account: BE52 7310 4066 5809 - Charlotte Schaldemose

Swiss franc bank account: CH 4800767000U 5630 1139 - Buursink C. & E. S.

Please mention name + the service you're paying for + date of the service.

If necessary to re-schedule an appointment, please do so minimum 48 hours in advance. Thank you.

"Life if about shape-changing and upgrading."

Shiv Charan Singh