DETOX - let go and lighten up

- Lighten up

- Burn fat and toxins

- Boost energy

- Get rid of sugar cravings

- Increase immunity

- Re-set your metabolism

- Improve mood and mental focus

The "Let go and lighten up" detox is a mono-diet detox that lasts four days.

From the convenience of your home, continuing your usual activities.

Can be done any time you feel like lightening up - physically, mentally, emotionally.

Cleansing spring and autumn is a good maintenance routine for your whole being.

How the Let go and lighten up detox benefits body and mind

During the 4-day detox you will be eating three non-fat meals a day. Same dish for 4 days - very few ingredients.

This will force your body to burn fat which is where toxins store. Toxins can be physical (for instance chemicals), as well as mental/emotional habits. Clean out what doesn't serve you.

As an extra benefit of fat-burning you feel calm when you enter fat metabolism mode, because fat is a stable, non-emergency fuel. As opposed to burning sugar/carbohydrates which takes you on an emotional blood sugar roller-coaster ride: up and down.

This detox will support your lymphatic system that helps your body get rid of waste. A sluggish lymph system can give the following symptoms:

  • Weak immune system
  • Cellulite
  • PMS, breast swelling or tenderness
  • Headaches
  • Constipation

  • Water retention, swollen hands or feet
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Allergies, rashes
  • Fatigue and lack of mental clarity

This detox resets your digestion and metabolism.

As the name says, it will make you feel lighter and brighter!

It can be done any time you feel a need to lighten up. At the turn of the seasons, this cleanse will help reset your body, preparing it for the next season.

Spring is nature's detox and weight-loss season. Detoxing in spring helps you lighten up after winter's heavier comfort food.

An autumn detox will help you get the heat of summer out of the body, strengthen your immunity, and manage your weight and your mood throughout winter.

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Let go and lighten up detox e-book

- Instructions on how to easily prepare the detox dish

- A short shopping list with what you’ll need

- A description of suggested daily routines during the cleanse.

Contact Charlotte to receive the e-book by e-mail - 30 euro.

E-book for free when doing a detox as part of a personal health coaching programme (workshop not included).

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Let go and lighten up detox workshop

Upon request.

During the workshop you will learn:

- Benefits of detoxing
- How to prepare for and get off a detox

- Different ways of detoxing and what is right for you
- Critical role of the lymph system and detox organs for elimination of toxins
- Self-care routines that support your detox
- Optional: A detox yoga series - exercises that support your body in detoxing

More info: 0494 64 12 56 /

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"I have been doing this detox twice a year since 2011, spring and autumn. It is a ritual for me - in spring it helps me lighten up after the heaviness of winter, in autumn it resets my system, getting rid of the heat of summer and preparing my immune system for winter. Every time, it seems to go deeper. I love the feeling of lightness in the body and clarity of mind and vibrant energy that comes with it."

"After the detox I kept eating healthy - and 4-5 kilos came off effortlessly, no dieting."