Holistic counselling

Holistic counselling

From self-initiation to self-realisation - be(come) the best version of YOU

Life is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Holistic counselling is an invitation to shed light on the unconscious parts of your life.

Get out of the unconstructive patterns you keep repeating - with yourself and/or others.

Drop what you don’t need anymore. Move beyond your suffering and fear.

Find the treasure in the mud of your past and move on.

Transform: Discover and unfold your highest potential.

My approach to holistic counselling is based on Karam Kriya as taught by Shiv Charan Singh.

Karam Kriya facilitates processes of change and personal growth, guiding you to your own excellence.

Karam Kriya counselling is also called the healing conversation - healing in the sense of becoming whole, living a life with soul, living your life as YOU.

The soul’s game is not about getting a new job, friends, lifestyle, making more money or getting a new car, a new partner or a new therapist. This life is about finding a way to be in the world that connects you to your soul.”- Baba Ram Dass

To book a consultation or for more information about how holistic counselling can be of benefit for you: charlotte.schaldemose@yahoo.com / +32 494 64 12 56.

Consultations in person or online.

I have found in me / what I am to be / that I already am / and I’ll be what I am / because only I can.

Shiv Charan Singh